Languages Programs

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Our pedagogic team is glad to present you our programs
(Modern and Biblical Hebrew)
1 "LEV" ("Heart" in Hebrew):
8 week program in immersion at "Kibbutzimer Center" Mashabei Sadeh. 240 hours of learning. Combining the two "programs in immersion" (300-360 hours) and the 2 internet programs (100 hours), will enable you a nice ability of communication (both oral and written) in Hebrew.
"Lev" is the base of our Hebrew Learning program. We practice conversation from the very beginning. "Lev" includes also "Outside learning sessions".
Holding the program among Hebrew speaking people in the kibbutz, give you opportunity to practice on-line what you learned in classroom.
Visits, lectures, trips and meetings complete frontal learning.
Life in Mashabei Sadeh provides opportunity to be acquainted to this special way of life, and "have a look" on this area where monotheism borne and nowadays is a center of exciting innovations in agriculture, social frames and rural development.
2 "Mech'ina" ("Training" in Hebrew):
Internet Support "lecture-writing-vocabulary". Agreed by Education Ministry. Efficient training towards and during the 8 week-program. 3 levels of Modern Hebrew + 1 level of Biblical Hebrew. According personal rhythmus, 90-120 learning hours. Available in 7 languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian and Portuguese.
- Level 1: dedicated to "real" and "pseudo" beginners. Alphabet (print and cursive), writing, reading, speaking, grammar, 600 dialog words. "Present" and "imperative".
- Levels 2-3: dedicated to "pseudo" beginners (level 2) and "Veterans" of 8 week program (level 3). Alphabet, writing, reading, speaking, grammar, syntax, 1400-2000 words. Tenses: "present", "imperative", "past", "future",
- Virtual type-table permits Hebrew writing..
- Right click on mouse, provides sounds of letters, words and phrases in Hebrew.
·         While ordering the program, you get users for 12 months.
·         If requested, you can change your level program within 72 hours.
·         "Opening Kibbutzimer offer": 10% discount
·       Special price for Kibbutzimer "Veterans": 20% discount
3 "Mitkadem" ("Advanced" in Hebrew):
2 - 4 weeks (30 lessons/hours per week). Program focused on press, media, literature, actuality, poetry language evolution and dialog!
·         Dedicated to "Veterans" of the 8 week program and people with nice reading and writing ability, 1500-2000 words and good speaking and understanding level. 
·         Goals of the program: increase dialog ability, literature knowledge, understanding of radio, TV and press media programs, popular speaking, etc…
·         Hebrew speaking surroundings at "Kibbutzimer Center". "Mitkadem" lessons give priority to face to face meetings with Israelis involved in various fields of social and cultural activity, history, etc… After meetings, students resume and present details to other students..
·         Prices are based on the 8 week programs, but may change according final components (theater, museums, etc), travels, and length of program.
4 "Emshech" ("Continuation" in Hebrew):
-Interactive "Video-conference" program. Dedicated to people who accomplished the 3 former presented programs, or have a similar knowledge, or want to learn Modern or Biblical Hebrew but have no possibility to participate at the at Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh.
Interactive Learning program created by an Israeli Company. During lesson, teachers and students are on live connection once a week at a pre-planed time. At all, 30 one-hour meetings during the year. Every student gets an adapted audio-visual kit for his PC and booklets for home work. Group includes 5 students with same level. 7 levels of Modern Hebrew and 2 levels of Biblical Hebrew available. 
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